Monday Speeches 1996 - 1997
  Economical evaluation of the European monetary union
  Globalization requires global ethics
  Limits of solidarity - social security in the era of globalization
  Homo Sapiens Informaticus - Finally free fom the burden of the Enlightenment?
  Sustainable economy and ecological tax reform
  From a science-oriented to a human-oriented research
  Brain chips and neuro-transplantation. Perspectives of curing and life prolongation
  Atomism, quantum theory, and the notion of integration. Can the quantum theory explan the world in new ways?
  How do genes work? Dangers and chances
  Ecology - retrospectives, successes, predictions
  Ecology - retrospectives, successes, predictions
  Structure emerging out of chaos. How can complex systems be regulated?
  Sustainable economy - a guide for future-oriented and successful business
  The fantastic communication system of the ant society - how does it work?

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