TELEPOLIS - City On-Line – Vilém Flusser Conference
International Symposium during the Munich "media exhibition"
in the Aktionsforum Praterinse, 19. - 20. October, 1995
TELEPOLIS – The Future of the City in the Era of Cyberspace
International Symposium, 3. - 4. November 1995
Centre des Conférences des Salons Internationaux de Luxembourg
München Luxemburg
What happens to the city when fundamental elements, that had been important for the functioning of the cities so far, disappear into the cyberspace?

The two symposiums "Telepolis" in Munich and Luxembourg discussed the affects of telecommunication and the importance of computer networks with regard to the urban living space. Towns and cities have always had the function of providing high-speed and varied means of communication and interaction between people due to the close proximity of those living there. And yet this function now appears to be gradually drifting towards that of computer-network.

"Within this network, each and everyone of us is present in the form of possibility" (Vilém Flusser).

Will the city die when the place of communication becomes more and more insignificant? How does the Cyberspace affect the modern city? Which part does the public space play in the telematic city? These and many more questions were discussed by media theorists, critics in architecture, sociologists, experts in the fields of employment and social affairs, cyber-architects, web-editors, media artists and authors.

Among the speakers were such well known persons as Manuel Castells, Boris Groys, Rolf Kreibich, Leon Krier, Daniel Libeskind, Martin Pawley, Walter Prigge, Wolf D. Prix (Coop Himmelb(l)au), Florian Rötzer, Ken Sakamura, Saskia Sassen, Michael Sorkin, Albert Speer, and Terry J. Wyatt.

  The International City project in Berlin
  Why cities and not villages? - Remarks on Vilém Flussers draft of a technocivilization
  World Within, Communication Infrastructure for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta
  Contours of Tele-Existence
  The Networked Writer
  The new capital - The regeneration of a metropolis
  Polikom project: Bonn-Berlin, working apart, but governing together
  Intimate relationships in Cyberspace
  Frankfurt network projects Blind's World, Skylink and Digital Market Place
  Network project Europe Online
  Digital City Amsterdam
  Global Village and Global City
  Digital Urbanism
  Urbanity through dispersal
  Cities are places of collective memory
  The informational city - between global economy and local society
  EcoPolis plus Cybercity - a vision for the city of the 3rd millenium
  Sustainable City - a model for the telematic city
  The urbanization of the suburbs
  Radix Matrix - concretizing spaceless place
  Architecture is a dynamic process
  The cities of the 21st Century will be intelligent
  The new centrality - the impact of telematics and globalization
  The architecture of the brain - a model for complex systems such as cities?
  Rediscovering urbanism - presentation of the evening topic
  The intelligent city of the 21st century?
  EcoPolis plus Cybercity - a vision for the city of the 3rd millenium
  Biosphere 2 - experiences with a technical constructed living space

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