International Symposium, 2. Dezember 1994
International experts of different disciplines presented their visions of future education in Germany for the first time. Accompanied by great public resonance, the Academy's symposium "CD-ROM and On-Line - Learning with the Computer" the discussion was about how school and education will develop and what tasks they will have to fulfil in the future?

The topic, so far underestimated by the public concerning its level of importance was actively transferred into the field of education. Speakers were from the fields of psychology, pedagogy, informatics and sociology as well as project manager of different learning initiatives. Among others Ralph Ballier, Bob Coates, Dietrich Dörner, Peter Glotz, Klaus Hefner, Ulrich Hegge, Reinhold Jäger, Lewis J. Perelman, Winfried Sommer und Peter Struck. 

  How the large-scale use of information technology in schools across Britain has changed teaching methods and learning goals
  e-mail project "Aurich meets Bronx" - Online training changes teaching and learning
  Computer simulations help us acquire the ability of dealing with uncertain and complex situations
  Electronic education - A chance for social participation?
  Experiment "Campus 2000" - How telecommunication promotes the inter-cultural aspects of learning
  Online project DaWIN - About the possibilities and difficulties of data communication in the scientific network
  School of the future - How educational must and can teach and learn software be within a learning environment?
  The Hyperlearning Revolution - Electronic education makes universities and classrooms obsolete
  From passivity to interactivity - New ways of reaching the mind?
  The new media - A challenge for the educational system
  School crisis or educational madness? Changed children need changed teachers
  About the attempt to set up an "Open School Network in Germany"

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