The INTERNET FOR ALL - Equal Opportunities on the Net
International Conference, 20. and 21. September 2001
Berlin, Potsdamer Platz, CinemaxX
The Internet's distribution in the Federal Republic of Germany increasingly results by private users. This process involves the danger that single social groups are going to be excluded from the advantages of this development. The conference "Internet For All - Equal Opportunities On The Net" intended to counteract this process.

Participants of the conference were decision-makers from the fields of economy and politics, local authority districts, education, associations and NGOs. They acted as mediators to give women, senior citizens, young people without school exam or secondary school exam, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities and people of rural areas an understanding of the Internet's utility. International best practice projects helped to create strategies for a internetfriendly climate for these groups to overcome obstacles and barriers. Workshops allowed the public to actively participate in the discussions and present their own views. An extensive exhibition of projects clearly demonstrated that many good approaches have been developed in Germany as well as in other European countries and the U.S.

The conference was organized by the Burda Academy Of The Third Millennium and the German Federal Ministry Of Economics and Technology.  
  Shared Responsibility for the Modern Knowledge Society
  Mobile Communication - The Road to the Internet for all
  Open Standards - User-Friendly for Everyone? Alternative Operation Systems and Digital Integration
  First Steps into the Net: The First User Portal as "Door Opener" to the Internet for Disadvantaged Groups
  Internet and Education - Media Competence in the Knowledge-Based Society
  Gender Gap - What Gender Gap?
  Examples Worth Imitating - Criteria for Successful Best Practice Projects
  Between Euphoria and Ignorance - An Analysis of Data on Internet Access and Uses in Germany
  The "eEurope" Initiative - Political Requirements and Strategies for a European Knowledge-Based Society - On the Road to a Global Civil Society: a United Nations Project
  The Networked Society - Innovation and Workplaces in the Information Society of the 21st Century
  Taking Advantage of Digital Opportunities - A Challenge for Politics, Business and Society
  The Many Faces of the Digital Divide: Age, Gender, Income, Education
  Internet Access for All? Requirements for the Planning of a Sustainable Infrastructure
  The Old Continent and the Internet - Challenges on the Road to a European Knowledge-Based Society
  The Overcoming of the Digital Divide Seen as an Entrepreneurial Responsibility
  Digital Divide Network USA - A Network as a Catalyst for the Development of Innovationg Bridging Strategies

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