Prof. Dr. Zygmunt Baumann
Fachbereich: Soziologie, Emeritus Professor
Institution: University of Leeds, UK
Url: Link
Zygmunt Bauman is Professor emeritus of Sociology, having served as Professor of Sociology and, at various times, Head of Department at Leeds from 1972 until his retirement in 1990. He was formerly of the University of Warsaw until 1968 and the University of Tel Aviv, and held several visiting professorships, in Australia and elsewhere, before coming to Leeds. While heading the Department of Sociology, of which he was the first Professor, Bauman brought to the task of running things great qualities of intellectual leadership. From the start he saw his task as one of inspiring students, and among his academic colleagues promoting a collegial atmosphere in which new academic projects were welcomed and free and open discussion encouraged in an atmosphere of mutual tolerance and understanding. Despite holding firm moral and political commitments of his own, Bauman was attached to the idea of sociology as a broad discipline which could and should enable diversity to flourish. His retirement in 1990 was a loss to the Department in terms of a daily presence and a continuing influence. Since then, however, he has maintained his contact with the Department, helping it considerably through his good offices, but mainly through his considerable reputation, from which sociology at Leeds has continued to benefit. Zygmunt Bauman was awarded the Amalfi European Prize in 1990 and the Adorno Prize in 1998. It is difficult to think of higher honours being bestowed on a sociologist, in this case of European and indeed world standing.
Between Class and Élite. The Evolution of the British Labour Movement: A Sociological Study (1972), Culture as Praxis (1973), Socialism the Active Utopia (1976), Towards a Critical Sociology: An Essay on Common-Sense and Emancipation (1978), Hermeneutics and Social Science: Approaches to Understanding. London (1982): Memories of Class: The Pree-History and After-Life of Class. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul. Legislators and Interpreters: On Modernity, Postmodernity and Intellectuals. (1987), Freedom (1988), Thinking Sociologically (1990), Modernity and Ambivalence (1991), Morality, Immorality and Other Life Strategies (1991), Intimations of Postmodernity (1992), Postmodern Ethics (1993), Life in Fragments. Essays in Postmodern Morality (1995), Postmodernity and its Discountents (1997), Globalization: The Human Consequences (1998), In Search of Politics. Cambridge (1999), Liquid Modernity, (2000), The Individualized Society (2001).
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