Steven Clift
Fachbereich: E-Democracy
Institution: - vormals Board Chair, Minnesota E-Democracy, Minneapolis
Url: Link
Steven Clift is an online strategist and public speaker focused on the use of the Internet in democracy, governance, and community. For the last decade he has worked to fundamentally improve democracy and citizen participation through the use of the Internet. One of world's leading experts on e-democracy, he is actively networking people around the world determined to make a difference with this new media. A frequent media commentator, Steven Clift speaks publicly with meaning, energy and enthusiasm while providing accessible and useful information. Online, he shares knowledge and practical advice directly to thousands of subscribers on his DO-WIRE e-mail announcement list. His Publicus.Net web site contains dozens of original articles and presentations, including his E-Democracy E-Book. Behind the scenes, he supports peer-to-peer online networks for parliamentary online leaders, civic online consultation facilitators and others. He created the world's first election-oriented web site and online candidate debates. In 2002, Steven received the Minneapolis Award. In April 2001, he was listed among "The 25 Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics" by Politics Online.
Congress faces digital divide, Minneapolis Star Tribune (18 Aug 2003), Backbench Bloggers, UK Guardian, Bobbie Johnson, (21 July 2003), Bloggers take Message to MPs, BBC News (15 July 2003).
Referent bei Internet & Politik
Das "Minnesota E-Democracy" Projekt. Erfahrungen mit bürgerorientierter elektronischer Demokratie


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