Tony Webster
Fachbereich: Neue Technologien
Institution: Infineon Technologies, München
Url: Link
Tony Webster is Senior VP and General Manager of the Cores + Modules division of Infinion Technologies. This division is responsible for creating, maintaining, porting, licensing in and licensing out of MCU and DSP cores and associated tools and software. The division is split across the world in Bristol (UK), San José (USA), Bangalore (India), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Munich (Germany). He is also chairman of two Infineon companies Ö Infineon Technologies Development Centre (Tel Aviv) Ltd and EPOS in Germany. 1985 degree in Special Engineering at Brunel University (UK). He joined Inmos Ltd (UK) which subsequently became part of STM. During his time at Inmos he performed a variety of roles including Marketing, Customer Services and Planning, New Product Introduction and Operations Management. From 1994 Ö 1997 he worked for Motorola initially as European Operations Manager for Advanced MCU's and subsequently as Assistant Sales and Marketing Director. In October 1997 he joined Infineon (Siemens HL) as Marketing Director for the Dataprocessing and Control division. He then went on to lead the Microcontroller business back into profitability. In 1999 he formed the Cores and Modules division which he still leads.
Referent bei Montagsgespräche 2000
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