Bill Viola
Fachbereich: Videokunst
Institution: Bill Viola
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Bill Viola is a pioneer in the medium of video art whose work explores the spiritual and perceptual side of human experience. Recipient of numerous awards and honors including a 1989 MacArthur Foundation grant, he has created over 125 videotapes and multimedia installations since 1973, which are shown in art museums, galleries, and on public television worldwide. In 1997, the Whitney Museum organized a 25-year survey of his work that traveled to major museums in the U.S. and Europe. In 2002, he completed his most ambitious project, Going Forth By Day, a five part projected digital "fresco" cycle in High Definition video. His work is currently on view at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles in an exhibition titled Bill Viola: The Passions.
Fire, Water, Breath (1997), Bill Viola (1999), The Passions (2003), Going Forth by Day (2003), Five Angels (2003).
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Video Art, Sense Perception and Human Experience


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