Prof. Dr. Barbara Maria Stafford
Fachbereich: Kunstgeschichte
Institution: University of Chicago, USA
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Barbara Maria Stafford ist Kunsthistorikerin und William B. Ogden Distinguished Service Professor an der University of Chicago, USA. Studium der Philosophie und Komparatistik zunächst an der Northwestern University (1964 B.A.), von 1961 bis 1962 an der Sorbonne in Paris. 1996 M.A. in Kunstgeschichte an der Northwestern University, USA. Gewinner des Schwartz Award for Research. 1968 am Warburg Institute in London, 1970 Kress Fellow, A.A.U.W. Hilda Stein Fellow, and US-Netherlands Grant. 1972 Promotion in Kunstgeschichte an der University of Chicago. 1971 bis 1972 Assistant Professor am National College of Education, 1972 bis 1973 an der Loyola University, Chicago. 1973 bis 1981 Assistant und Associate Professor an der University of Chicago. Seit 1981 Professorin.
Symbol and Myth. Humbert de Superville´s Essay on Absolute Signs in Art. (1979), Voyage into Substance. Art, Science, Nature and the Illustrated Travel Account, 1760-1840 (1984), Body Criticism. Imaging the Unseen in Enlightenment Art and Medicine (1993), Artful Science. Enlightenment, Entertainment and the Eclipse of Visual Education (1994), Good Looking. Essays on the Virtue of Images (1996), Kunstvolle Wissenschaft (1998), Visual Analogy. Consciousness as the Art of Connecting (1999), Devices of Wonder. From the World in a Box to Images on a Screen (2001).
Referentin bei Iconic Turn
Towards a Cognitive Image History: From Iconic Turn to Neuronal Aesthetics


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