Andrew Blau
Fachbereich: Kommunikationspolitik
Institution: vormals Benton Foundation, Washington, D.C.
Url: Link
Andrew Blau has worked with foundations and nonprofits for the last 15 years to shape communications policy and technologies in the public interest. He launched Flanerie Works in 2000 to work with foundations and other organizations developing programs at the intersection of information technology and society. Previously, he was Program Director at the Markle Foundation and director of the Benton Foundation's Communications Policy and Practice program. He also analyzed communications and Internet issues for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the United Church of Christ and was a senior researcher at Columbia University's Institute for Tele-Information. In 1998, the National Research Council appointed him to its committee on "The Internet and the Evolving Information Infrastructure." That committee's report, The Internet's Coming of Age, was published by the National Academies Press in October 2000. He currently serves on the Program Committee for the 2001 Telecommunications Policy Research Conference, the nation's foremost interdisciplinary gathering focused on telecommunications policy, and chairs the President's Task Force on Digital Inclusion for the American Library Association.
Referent bei Internet & Politik
'Making democracy work'. Ein Überblick über politische Netzprojekte in den USA.


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