Prof. Dr. Colin Blakemore
Fachbereich: Physiologie
Institution: University of Oxford, UK
Url: Link
Colin Blakemore studied medicine at Cambridge, completed a PhD at the University of California, Berkeley, taught at Cambridge for 11 years and in 1979 took up the Chair of Physiology at the University of Oxford. Blakemore has received many prizes for his research, which has been concerned with vision and the early development of the brain. He is also passionately committed to the public communication of science and was President of the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1997-98. He is a frequent broadcaster on radio (including the 1976 BBC Reith Lectures) and television (including the 1982 Royal Institution Christmas lectures and The Mind Machine, a 13-part series on brain and mind). He has also written widely for the general public. In 1989, when he won the Michael Faraday Award for furtherance of the public understanding of science, The Royal Society described him as "one of Britain's most influential communicators of science".
Mechanics of the Mind (1977), Hanbook of Psychobiology (Hrsg. zus. mit Michael S. Gazzaniga) (1975), Mindwaves. Thoughts on Intelligence, identity, and Consciousness (Hrsg.) (1987), Vision. Coding and Efficiency (Hrsg.) (1990), Oxford Companion to the Body (2001).
Referent bei Mind Revolution
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