Prof. Dr. Ken Sakamura
Fachbereich: Informationswissenschaften
Institution: Universität Tokyo
Url: Link
Ken Sakamura is Professor of Information Science at the University of Tokyo, where he also serves as the Executive Director of the university's newly established Digital Museum. He's most famous as the originator, chief architect, and principle driving force behind the TRON Project. But in addition, he's an architect of buildings, a designer of computerized gadgets that defy the imagination, a consultant for technology projects in countries around the globe--which is not to mention Japan--and he's an author and editor of numerous computer-related books and magazines. His a member of the Japan Information Processing Society (JIPS); the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communications Engineers (IEICE); the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM); and he is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). His papers have won awards from JIPS, IEICE, and IEEE.
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