Prof. Dr. Eli Michael Noam
Fachbereich: Finanzwissenschaft und Ökonomie
Institution: Columbia University, New York
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Eli Noam has been Professor of Economics and Finance at the Columbia Business School since 1976. In 1990, after having served for three years as Commissioner with the New York State Public Service Commission, he returned to Columbia. He is the Director of the Columbia Institute for Tele-Information. CITI is a university-based research center focusing on strategy, management, and policy issues in telecommunications, computing, and electronic mass media. In addition to leading CITI's research activities, Noam initiated the MBA concentration in the Management of Media, Communications, and Information at the Business School and the Virtual Institute of Information, an independent, web-based research facility. He has also taught at Columbia Law School and Princeton University's Economics Department and Woodrow Wilson School, and has been a virtual visiting professor at the University of St. Gallen, the MCM Institute.
Video Media Competition. Regulation, Economics, and Technology (1985), Television in Europe (1991), Cyber-TV. Thesen zur dritten Fernsehrevolution (1996), Telecommunications in Western Asia and the Middle East (Hrsg.) (1997), Public Television in America (Hrsg. zus. mit Jens Waltermann) (1998), Telecommunication in Latin America (Hrsg.) (1998), Telecommunications in Afrika (Hrsg.) (1999), Interconnecting the Network of Networks (2001)
Referent bei Internet & Politik
Amerikanische und europäische Telekommunikationspolitik zwischen De-Regulierung und Re-Regulierung


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