Dr. Scott Aikens
Fachbereich: Neue Medien und Politikwissenschaft
Institution: AikensPro Media, New York
Url: Link
Geoffrey Scott Aikens is a researcher in Social and Political science. Over the past five years, Geoffrey Scott Aikens has developed a reputation as a talented professional in electronic and convergence media (television, radio, new media, distance learning). Prior to his work in broadcasting, Aikens completed his M. Phil., his Ph.D., and a post-doctoral research grant funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council. During this time, Aikens was based at Cambridge University, in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, where he developed an applied research methodology to better understand the interconnections between media and politics.
American Democracy and Computer Mediated Communication. A Case Study in Minnesota (1997), Building Deomcracy Online. Computer-Mediated. Communication Magazine.
Referent bei Internet & Politik
Das "Minnesota E-Democracy" Projekt. Erfahrungen mit bürgerorientierter elektronischer Demokratie


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